Seattle - Iphone

Seattle was a city I have always wanted to visit. How can you NOT fall in love with the city after watching 'Sleepless in Seattle'? ;) Our trip pretty much consisted of food, food and more food. Thankfully we walked around the whole time we were in Seattle so that helped burn 259 of the 57980465 calories I consumed. lol! And the weather! It was perfect! It got a little warm (mid 80's) but I can't complain. While we were there, we decided to hit up a Mariner's game and went the day AFTER Felix Hernandez pitched a perfect game!! We didn't even know about the perfect game either! But we got to see him come out and receive an award. ;) I also have a bit of the touristy bug in me so I HAD to see the view from the Space Needle. All in all it was a fantastic trip and am thrilled I get to cross Seattle off my list. :) And if you're ever in the city, you must eat at Paseo. My sweet, sweet bride mentioned it was a must so we hopped into a cab and went to sandwich heaven.