Europe - Film

There are so many images I wanted to blog, but I narrowed it down to the images below. I still can't believe I have been fortunate enough to have walked the streets of Paris, Venice, Florence and Rome. And I am so happy to have these images to remind me of my adventures in Europe. I took my Canon 5D mk i and a couple of lenses, but I got tired of shooting 38709790 images per second. When you're shooting that much, you tend to miss the whole experience. Plus, my battery (and back up batteries) all died for some reason and wouldn't charge. Initially, I was a little worried because I thought I would have to leave Europe with just the photos on my iPhone. I was super scared my exposures would be all messed up. But that's the beauty of film. It's so forgiving. I shot with my Canon A-1, popped some fuji 400h in there and kinda listened to my meter. I definitely over exposed like crazy. If my meter said 5.6 @ 1/1000, I probably shot at 2.0 @ 1/500 or something. I just crossed my fingers and said a little prayer. And ofcourse, the guys at Pro Photo did a great job developing my film. Looking back, I'm so glad I didn't use my slr to shoot. I got to really soak in everything through my eyes and not behind my viewfinder. Felt so liberating. ;)

Some of the exposures might be a little off, but I love each and every image and am so excited to get these printed and display them in my home.

I love you Europe. Can't wait to see you again. xo.

First up. Pairs, France.

Venice, Italy. Just incredible. I felt like a 5 year old watching a magic show for the first time. All smiles and in complete awe. 

We had to catch a super early AM train from Venice to Florence and got to the train station 2 hours before the station opened. It was FREEZING outside so we planted ourselves next to the homeless men in the waiting room. It was a very memorable experience to say the least.

First time in Rome and I had the honor of attending mass with the Pope. That was pretty rad. 

The sweetest British guy offered to take a picture of me with my camera. I was like OK! Thank you! You have to manually focus so just make sure I'm focused. HAHAHAHAHA. I still love it. Who else has a pic of themselves in front of the Coliseum with SNOW?! ;)

It was snowing. We were hungry. It seemed like a decent place to eat. And it SOO was. First time trying Carbonara. If you know me, you know I'm pretty fascinated with the mafia and love watching anything mob related. The owner of this place looked and acted like the don. Like no joke. He walked around with a cigar in his mouth, plates in both hands and looked you straight in the eye... you know... the kind of stare that intimidates you. I was DYING to get a photo and it took like my whole meal to get the courage to walk up to him and ask. We had a bit of a language barrier so it was more like me pointing to my camera, then pointing to him and then pointing to my smile. He totally loved it. I wish he was my grandpa. I bet he'd totally put  a horses' head in your bed. ;)