Los Angeles Engagement Photography

I met Teresa when I was in my first year of business and from the get-go, she was always a huge supporter and cheerleader of my work; I will always remember and appreciate Teresa's encouraging words to me. Every so often we would get together and talk about her relationship with Danny and how she would want me to photograph her wedding. Fast forward 3 years and a proposal, Teresa + Danny will be getting married in a few weeks! But you won't believe this. When she called to tell me she got engaged and told me her date, I immediately checked... and oh my! I was already booked! Needless to say, we were both a little bummed. I mean 3 years in the making! lol But I am SO happy I was still able to shoot their engagement session. I got to know Danny a little better and couldn't be happier for Teresa. I am SO thrilled for these two and can't wait to see them as husband and wife! Thank you Teresa + Danny, for the laughs, the constant encouragement and the yummy lobster after! Still dream about it! ;) Wish you two all the best! xo