36. One Roll. One You.

A little personal project of mine I wanted to share with you. :) I really love that photography can freeze time for everyone. To be able to document a person's life at this particular moment in time is such a gift. I've had this idea in my head for such a long time; I wanted a clean white background that focused on my subjects and captured who they are at that moment. Years from now, when you're looking back at these photos, you will immediately remember what you were going through at that time, what you looked like, how you felt towards life. Every second someone hits a milestone or wants to freeze life and that is how this project came to be.

I asked my dear friend Sarah if she would let me tell her story about her and her beautiful girls and am so happy she said yes. Time goes by so fast and her little ones won't be so little any more. I hope her girls are never in a rush to grow up and enjoy their childhood with their beautiful mama.

Hope you enjoyed my series - 36. One Roll. One You. ;)