Europe 2012

All images shot on my iphone, processed with cross process.

A few images that will forever bring back unforgettable memories during our trip to Europe: London, Paris, Venice, Florence and Rome. Europe is so breathtakingly beautiful. So much charm and history.

My memories in a nutshell: Homeless our first night in Paris because our host from Airbnb cancelled on us last minute. Eating crepes and street food at 2AM. Street food vendors asking us for a kiss. Drinking wine at random cafes. The spinach, tomato, cheese and bacon crepe from la creperie de josselin - it was pure heaven. Salted caramel macaroons from laduree - the BEST I have EVER had. I still dream about it. Our AMAZING hotel in London - St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel. Going to the wrong airport (it wasn't me!) and almost missing our flight from Paris to Venice. My turbulent  relationship with EASYJET. Waiting at the train station in Venice at 4AM with homeless men everywhere; that was pretty scary. Feeding the pigeons at St. Mark Square, Venice. NUTELLA! omg NUTELLA. Street food, paninis and GELATO! The banana and nutella gelato my friend got was freaking amazing. I still dream about that too. The sandwich from Nerbone in Florence. It was so good I ate it 3 times. Get the beef. The men. Oh how the men in Europe are beautiful. Forcing my friend to walk to the Eiffel Tower at 12AM and walking for over 1.5 hours. The cobble stone streets. Splashing around in puddles like a little kid. Or at least just me. Visiting the Vatican and having mass with the POPE! Making friends at EVERY restaurant we went to. The people in Europe were so nice and helpful. Getting lost on our way to our studio in Rome. The Colosseum. Our 45 minute guided tour being cancelled due to the heavy snow. Sticking my tongue out in the middle of the Colosseum to catch snow. A snowflake hitting my eye. It felt like someone punched me because the snowflakes were HUGE. You could hear it hit the cobblestone. Trains/trams/taxis and buses all stopped working the morning of our flight home. HITCHHIKING to the train station and making friends with everyone waiting for the train to the airport. The pasta in italy. I couldn't get enough. Trying carbonara pasta for the first time. My toes almost getting frostbite because it was FREEZING. Walking the streets of Florence with my face to the sky, watching it snow. Getting yelled at for taking a picture inside ZARA. Talking about the mafia in Sicily with a man from Sardinia- that was pretty awesome. Meeting the NICEST couple from London while waiting for the snow to let up in Rome. Walking in the rain and getting DRENCHED. I refused to use an umbrella. Falling down the stairs on the way to the subway. My friend answering back in a British accent when she asked for directions in London. That was hilarious. And she wasn't even trying to be funny. Making friends with every hotel receptionist. Sitting elbow to elbow in restaurants. My friend getting in trouble for taking a picture inside the Sistine Chapel.

It was an amazing trip.