Let's talk about...

It's that time of year again! Can't believe Christmas is only TEN days away! Eek! I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet! Talk about procrastination! I was browsing the web for ideas on stocking stuffers and thought why not blog about my own favorite things. Maybe it'll help with some of you looking for stocking stuffers. :) In no particular order:

#1. Citizens of Humanity Avedon Skinny Pants

Oh my lord. These are my FAVORITE pants EVER. I'm on my 2nd pair and I'm always telling people they should get a pair too. That's how much I love these pants. They're black, they stretch and they match with any top. When I first bought them, they only had it in black. Now they have dark blue and light blue. Definitely getting a pair of those too.


#2. Gucci Aviators

I LOVE these shades. They're super big, light and matches with everything too! :)



#3. J.Crew Magic Wallet

I used to carry a huge purse with a huge wallet. Now I'm all about downsizing. Carry as little as possible. I've used the magic wallet since college and love that it's compact and allows you to carry small purses. In between all that, I did buy myself a bigger, more expensive wallet. It was good until I lost it (TWICE) so I went back to the magic wallet. And it's perfect when I'm out shooting. It fits into my camera bag and doesn't take up any room at all.



#4. OPI Tickle Me France-y and Top Coat Seche Vite.

I LOVE this color from OPI. I think it's a perfect shade of nude. I go through bottles of these a year. And top it with one of the best top coats ever and you're good to go. I tend to do my nails before bed and would always wake up with messed up nails. I know. I know. Why paint them at night? Because I want to. lol. But with Seche Vite, I can paint my nails 5-10 minutes before bed and I wake up with perfect nails. It's kind of crazy how fast it dries your nails. Do I sound like an infomercial?



#5. Chanel Lip Gloss- Imaginaire

I have this in my bag at all times. I hate the taste of lip gloss, but this one's not that bad. haha.



#6. Jcrew Pajamas

If you know me, you know I am a lover of all things pajamas. I buy pajama sets every year but end up only wearing one of them for years. lol. I still have my Tigger flannel pj's I bought for my freshman year in the dorms! It's been through the washer so many times it's unbelievably soft. Anyways, this year, I bought the J.crew flannel set in grey. :)

I hope you enjoyed reading my list! What are some of your favorite things? :)