vintage book engagement session

'Puedo ir al bano, Señor Lyon?' 3 years of high school Spanish, baby! ;) Anna and I met in Spanish class and I loved her energy, charisma and dance moves. Fast forward ten years, the creation of Facebook and here we are... shooting her engagement session! I absolutely adore Anna & Scott and can't be more excited for them! Anna contacted me the minute she got engaged and at our consultation she couldn't stop gushing over Scott! I loved seeing her so happy and couldn't wait to meet Scott myself. Anna & Scott first met in the police academy where Anna was a recruit and Scott was the trainer. And it was love at first sight for the both of them. Scott waited  until Anna graduated to ask her out and the rest is history. ;)

Congrats again guys!! Can't wait for the wedding in November! xo!

Hair and makeup by the lovely Nicole Deanne.

Beautiful as always.

Love this shot of Scott.

Happy Monday!