long beach airport engagement

Wedding season is swinging into full gear and what better way to start the season than by blogging my first engagement session of 2011! :) You all thought I stopped blogging, huh? Tsk. Tsk. Mike + Jen. A good-looking, sweet and funny couple. What more do I need to say? :) When they told me their relationship was long distance in the beginning and had spent hours flying to see each other, I think I accidentally yelled out, 'How perfect would it be to shoot at the aiport?!!' I just get really excited when couples incorporate real elements of their relationship into their engagement sessions. :) And when they jumped on board with the idea, we all clapped. Seriously. We really did. Korean lady style clapping.

You guys! Can't wait for your wedding in April! Thanks so much for being stellar models and the sweetest of clients! Much love.

Love this pic of Mike!

So sexxzy. No?

I don't know why, but this picture is so hot to me.

Such a beautiful smile.

I was very happy when the sun decided to show up for the last 1o minutes of our shoot.

'You are the wind beneath my wings.' Kind of, yes? No? LOL. Humor me.

Jen is so happy in love. I love it.

The clouds look amazing here!

And I end with this gorgeous photo of Jen.

Happy Friday and thanks SO much for tuning in! :) I hope you enjoyed these images!