the im family

A few weeks ago, I hung out with the Im's for some portrait fun. I had such a blast and seriously can't wait to see them again for their 1 yr shoot. And the best part? Asher is THE champion of expressions. While editing, these photos had me cracking up because he is just SOOO adorable!! I probably looked a little craji smiling and editing, but I just couldn't help it! Asher is too delicious. So take a coffee break and get ready to see some major cuteness. :)

Introducing the Im Family:

Oh my. Seriously adorable.

Top Expression #3. Can you guys please use this as your Christmas card? :) I seriously heart it.

One of my fav shots from the session. It was such a beautiful day.

Oh my. Asher is too cute.

Hannah = hot mom.

Top Expression #2. I love when babies look straight into the camera!

LOVE his expression on the right. But wait for it. #1 expression is coming soon.

L.O.L!!! SO C-U-T-E!!!

And finally, Top Expression #1.

LOL. It still cracks me up. I LOVE it!

Hannah & Seung! Thanks SO much for hanging out and allowing me to capture your beautiful family! See you guys real soon! :)