Let's talk about...

after many months/years of debating about whether i should get a perm, i finally got one yesterday! and i am SO happy with the result.

i got a digital wave perm, which has been around for awhile but i never had the guts to get. just ask my stylist. ever time i sit in the chair i ask, 'should i get a perm today?' lol. i've had perms before and every time i get one, i immediately long for straight hair. but after waking up today with my perm, i can honestly say i'm happy my hair is curly. :)

so i thought i'd blog about it and share my experience... just in case any of you ladies out there are on the fence about getting it done. i totally recommend it! :) but before you do, make sure you talk to your stylist since everyone has different types of hair. even with the same perm, results vary. i asked my stylist a good handful of times  'are you sure it'll come out good?' lol. she assured me it would since i have thick, naturally wavy hair.

so before the perm, she layered my hair like crazy so that after the perm, i will get lots of volume on top of my head. after she cut my hair, i loved all the layers so much i kind of didn't want to get the perm, but i trusted her and went through it. lol.

so here i am getting my roots done before the perm. omg. my scalp was on fire. no joke.

a pic of the rolls they put in your hair. so depending on how tight or loose you want the curls, they have different roll sizes. i wanted my hair semi wavy, but not too loose. you want the perm to last awhile. so she just chose the roll size accordingly to what i wanted. the perm itself didn't take that long. ok. i lie. i don't know how long it was. but it felt short. maybe because i went with a friend and brought tons of magazines. our appt was at 2pm and we got out of the salon around 8 ish i think. yes. that's a long ass time. thank god for iphones, doodle jump, bejeweled and cut the rope! oh. and facebook and twitter. lol.

i wish i had more photos of the process, but it's hard taking pics of yourself while getting your hair done. lol.

after she took out the rolls, i was a bit shocked. it was SO curly. i seriously was about to shed a tear. i SO was not wanting the kind of perm my mom gets. but my stylist told me not to worry. i still had to coat my hair (color with no peroxide) and dry it to see the final result.

haha. this pic cracks me up. can you tell i was bored??

and then dun dun dun!! here is my hair after a few hours out of the salon. pretty much exactly what i was going for! and i know after a month or so, the curls will definitely get looser and look more natural. and don't get me wrong. when my hair is wet, it is super curly. you just have to figure out how to style it. the below pictures is after lots of twirling and calming down the curls. but it really doesn't take that long.

and here is a pic of me the next morning (or today actually). the curls are even looser than the day before. which is awesome because you can achieve so many looks with just one perm. but like i said. once your hair is wet, game over. it's super curly. lol.

happy perming! and happy friday everyone!