Let's talk about...

welcome to another installment of 'Let's Talk About...'. after 3 years of being a loyal customer of sprint, i finally decided to get the iphone. in the beginning, i just couldn't give up my sero plan w/ sprint. $39.00 for unlimited EVERYTHING. i mean EVERYTHING. text, data, mobile to mobile, nights starting at 7pm. so awesome, right? and i was hoping the iphone would come to sprint but they had to be all buddy buddy with at&t. so long story short, i finally got the iphone4 and drove straight to the mall to get a case and screen protector (i'm a cool nerd like that. ;) and then 2 days later... i dropped it in the toilet. no joke.

my new phone. in the toilet. it was awesome.

i went to the apple store to see if they could swap out/fix the phone for me. i'm sure you all know, but at&t doesn't offer insurance for the iphones. you can get ins through a 3rd party, but i opted out of it. cuz you know. what could possibly happen? i mean, i've paid for insurance my whole cell phone life and never had to use it. anyway, i'm at apple and the guy says it must be my display screen. i just nod and go with it... cuz i eventually know they'll find out about the water damage. i'm sitting at the genius bar wondering if i really have to shell out more money for a new iphone when the guy comes back and says, 'we have a little bit of a problem. we opened up the phone and there seems to be a lot of water in it.' i just look up with major puppy dog eyes and nod my head up and down. the apple guys sits down next to me and says the best thing a girl could ever want to hear at an apple store: 'i talked to my manager and we've decided to give you a new (refurb) one just this one time.' o.m.g. i was so happy and relieved i gave him a super huge hug. i was SO thankful, you don't even know.

so mad thanks to apple and the guy at apple that made my year. :) seriously.

and since every post needs a picture, here's a sneak peak of a family session i shot last week. :)

Happy Tuesday!