film images from san francisco

hello! wow. can time fly by any faster? i think time should walk. not fly. yes. that was corny. but i know you agree with me. :) here are a few of the images i promised from our san francisco trip from way back. better late than never! sigh. i absolutely LOVE color. but a girl's gotta have black and white sometimes. and even with bw film, it's amazing how each frame is so colorful. film is just beautiful. :)

shot on canon a1, ilford bw, developed at richard photo lab.

i love the image below. it takes me back to when my sister and i would take our weekly, evening stroll with our dad down to thrifty's for some ice cream.

sarah and her beautiful daughter, ellie. love that munchkin.

this is one of my favorite shots on film. ever. i hope ellie will treasure this photo of her mom. you look beautiful, sarah.

diva in the making. ;)

and i conclude with my beautiful sister.