Altadena Country Club Wedding

Yay! My first post of the year! :) Agnes + Simon were my last couple of 2010 and I couldn't have asked for a bomb-er couple than them to end the season with. I had such an amazing time documenting their wedding, family and love! The day ran so smoothly and was filled with lots of laughter and good times. And did I mention Agnes + Simon raffled off an Ipad during their reception? Like I said. These 2 are bomb. :) Agnes wrote me an email a couple of days before the wedding, worried about the weather since it was supposed to rain. But I promised Agnes I'd do my secret NO rain dance. And whaddya know? NO Rain.

Big thanks to Cindee and Eddie for shooting with me that day! Always a blast!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you enjoy the pics! Much love.

I LOVE how classic and timeless this ring shot is! Makes me heppy.

Agnes did such an AMAZING job designing her invites! And the invite doubles as a picture frame! I have such talented brides!

Her gorgeous dress.

My wonderful and beautiful bride! :) Thanks to Clara of Clara Kim Beauty for being so awesome!

LOVE this shot of Agnes!

Simon looking all dapper! :)

I love that Agnes + Simon opted to have the first look! It totally gave us more than enough time for portraits and family photos without feeling all rushed and stressed. And I am SO thrilled that all of my 2011 couples also have opted to have their first look as well!

This set just makes me say 'aawwwwwww'. I love.


So beautiful. :)

Gorgeous light!

My fave shot of the day!

Even after having the first look, seeing your future wife walk down the aisle will always be special.

And vice-versa.

Not only did God give us clear skies, he even made a little heart for Agnes + Simon with the clouds right above them during the ceremony. Do you see it? :)

LOVE these next 2 shots!

And I leave you with proof that the day was filled with laughter and love. :)