until we meet again...

little by little, san francisco has charmed itself into my heart. my southern california, need my 80 degree winter days and warm, golden rays heart. i would seriously love to live in sf for a bit. how wonderful would that be? i could visit the bay bridge every day, munching on an ice cream cone. maybe not the ice cream every day. but seeing the bay bridge every day sounds wonderful, doesn't it? southwest was having really great deals on certain flights, so a couple of us decided to jump on it and have sf court us for 24 hours. we also decided to leave our pro digital cameras at home and just take our 35mm film cameras. i'll be honest. i was pretty nervous about just taking film and opting to leave my dica (digital camera) at home. what if all my shots don't come out exposed correctly? but can i just say, i think it's the most liberating thing a digital photographer can do. i think we should all leave our dica's at home once in a while and enjoy the process of shooting with film. the gear's lighter, hardly any post-processing and you don't go trigger happy. i actually wish i shot more rolls. i didn't even get go through 4 rolls of film. i was just too busy falling in love with sf. :)

thanks to my partners in crime adrienne, alice and sf for the wonderful memories.


all images from canon a-1; kodak 400 from walgreens.

the picture of adrienne on the right was actually shot in color. i converted it to bw because i only see it in bw. she loos so gorgeous and her eyes master smizing.

an example of going trigger happy. if i were to shoot this with digital, i probably would have came home with 25-50 shots. with film, i took only 2 shots and it came out exactly how i wanted it to.

wanna know a secret? ;) the image on the right is actually a reflection from a puddle. the sky was amazing that day.

alice looking mighty delicious in red. i love red jackets.

a warm thank you to kevin chin for chillin' and showin' us around! thanks kevin!

the sky looks unreal. do we have clouds like that here?

our hotel lobby. i think i  want to use the image on the right as my xmas card.

croque madame

beet, beef soup.

pork sandwich

bread pudding

Until we meet again.