out of office

hello my loverlies. hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving! i have been so busy with the holidays and editing, i think i've been neglecting my blog. but do not fret my friends. i have lots to blog so keep an eye out! :) did i ever tell you how much i love thanksgiving? so sad thanksgiving doesn't get as much love and attention as christmas. i hope you got to eat lots of yummy food. mmm. i miss turkey already.

ok. the real reason for this post. i'll be headin' to san francisco with a couple of photog buddies and won't be back till thursday. lol. yes. i had to make an announcement for me being out of town for 2 days. ;) ok. fine. the real reason for this post was to share this image i shot the last time i was in sf. i have so much to share from all the film i shot! and since i can't blog full posts right now, i might as well leave some eye candy here and there, no? ;)

love this shot of dt sf's skyline. and the clouds. so beautiful.

shot with canon a-1 on fuji 400h.

alrighty. have a good one, ya hear?