Let's Talk About... Chun Jung Myung

this is toally a non photography related post. actually, no it isn't. chun jung myun. if you're reading my blog, holla at your girl so i can photograph your gorgeous self. i go through these phases where i'll start watching korean dramas again. i enjoy having it as background noise as i edit/process images. thumbs up for being bilingual. wouldn't be able to multi-task if i weren't! i stopped watching dramas a while back because 1. they're time consuming and 2. so many of the male actors look like girls and i need my men to look like... well, men. seriously. check this dude out. if chun jung myung grows his hair out, starts wearing makeup and way too skinny skinny pants, he's off my top 5 Asia list. HA! ;)

anyhoo. i just finished watching this drama with Chun Jung Myung and I HAD to blog about him. i think i'm in lurve. i don't follow korean celebrities so don't know their history, but i think this cutie just got out of the army and is getting back into the entertainment industry. so hot. so. very. hot.

cotton tee. buzzed hair cut. perfection.

i love cotton.

so cute in his uniform.

Happy Monday!

**all images from google images**