San Marino Backyard Wedding |Denise + Roy|

When Denise first inquired about her wedding and mentioned it would be a backyard wedding, I couldn't have been more estatic! I seriously adore backyard weddings! They're so intimate, fun and full of love. Which is exactly how Denise + Roy's wedding turned out to be. It had rained during the week so I was a little worried, but the weather gods were on our side and gave us a gorgeous, overcast day this past weekend. We started the day at a beautiful residence in San Marino. I seriously could have shot at and around this home all day. Just gorgeous. Thanks to Theresa Huang's Team of TH Makeup & Design for doing such a fab job on Denise's hair and makeup. Also, big thanks to Kelley Lee Gin of Picture Perfect Events. Kelley did such an AWESOME job of turning a backyard into a gorgeous venue for a wedding. And last but not least, much love and thanks to my awesome friend Cindee for shooting with me that day.

Happy Thursday!

This image of Denise gives me goosebumps. So beautiful.

I wasn't lying when I said this residence was gorgeous. Look at that view of the backyard. And Denise, ofcourse. ;)

While I was with Denise, Cindee was with Roy getting shots of him getting ready.

Love this shot Cindee got.

Don't you love that Denise's engagement ring isn't a traditional diamond ring? I love that Denise + Roy march to the beat of their own drums, together. Does that even make sense? You get the point! ;p

Some portraits of Denise before the first look. Just stunning.

Their first look. They look so happy. :)

Seriously! I could have shot here all day.

Love this shot of Roy!

After the first look, we headed to Arroyo Park for some fun.

Denise + Roy make such a gorgeous couple. Something about them is just timeless.


Denise wanted a picture of the Colorado Bridge in the background. Love how it came out.

This is my favorite shot from the ceremony. And how cute are the kids in the center of the image?!

Can't come to the wedding because you're overseas? No problem! So cool, right?

Can't tell you how much I adore these next two images.

Bumblebee lights. They are the best. I want them all over my room.

Trying something a little different with the rings and paper lanterns. Love the hint of blue from Denise's ring.

Denise + Roy! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful wedding with us! Congrats again and have a safe trip to Taiwan! xo!