Luke's first birthday

Remember the gorgeous Kim Family? A few weeks ago, it was little Luquito's first birthday. Yes. Luquito. I love saying it! Luquito. :) Luke's mom is actually from South America so it's all about English, Spanish and Korean for the Kim's. Spanconglish? I thought I was cool for being bilingual but Luquito will be trilingual! That's pretty awesome. Luke's dad, Harold, is actually a firefighter so it was perfect to celebrate Luke's birthday at the Los Angeles Fire Department Museum and Memorial. Thanks to Eddie of Up Imagery for assisting me that day! Enjoy the pics!

Luke actually started to walk a week before the party so everyone was pretty excited. :)Yup. A firefighter in the making. :)

Party favors for the kids.

I think all the dads forgot what a bottle of beer looked like cuz of all the baby bottles in their lives. ;)

Ok. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the images below. I overhead one of Harold's friend (another firefighter) telling his kids 'This is where daddy sleeps' and pointed to the bed. Totally broke my heart. In a good way. Thanks to all the hardworking firefighters out there!

LOL! Love the shot Eddie got on the right of Luke. His shirt cracks me up. So adorable.

There were so many cute little munchkins everywhere. Like this adorable little girl. So cute.

Love the images of Luke and his great grandmother.

LOL. This shot cracks me up too.

So many firefighters in the making. :) Love the shot Eddie got on the left!

Happy 1st Birthday Luquito!