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This is my gorgeous and talented friend Christine. She just recently launched her coordinating business Se.Lah.Ve and I couldn't be more excited for her! We went to the same highschool so it's pretty awesome to have a connection from the past and now, we get to talk all things weddings! So ofcourse, I was totally honored when Christine asked me to take her headshots for her new business! Christine knew exactly what she wanted. Something modern, classic and fresh. So where better than the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. FYI. You need to clear it with the hotel's PR department if you want to shoot there. We, on the other hand, took route B and made friends with Zachary (a guest at the hotel) and he escorted us to the rooftop. ;) Thanks Zachary! Enjoy the pics!

Oh my goodness! LOVE these shots! I love how you can't see her face but you know she's laughing by her profile and body language.

Have I mentioned red is one of my favorite colors? :)

Christine looks ADORABLE here!

If this isn't modern, classic and fresh, I don't know what is. ;)


This shot makes me want to go somewhere tropical. Who's down?

Thanks Christine for rockin' it in front of my lens and for the yummy lunch at Bottega Louie! Can't wait to see where your business takes you!